During an individual meeting our matelasserie, in an environnement thought by the designers Marc Venot and Antoine Lesur, a singular experience will allow you to seize the subtle variations of each material, of each technology. Accompagnied by your matelassier, you'll travel through different materials to discover what is the very best for you.

To be a matelassier*, is to be a saddler, an upholsterer, a sewer, a carpenter, a cabinetmaker. The savoir-faire is multiple. This singularity becomes evident once the visitor arrives to the atelier of a matelassier. The atelier at the 111 is a space dedicated to house techniques related to fabric (upholstery/sewing) and those of woodwork are situated at Coincy l’Abbaye.

The space Maurice & la Matelasserie is an atelier made to achieve the most demanding personalization. There, you will be able to get very close to the confection of your mattress.

*a mattress maker

Maurice invites creators, artists and artisans to transform themselves into curators and stay a season at la Matelasserie du 111. They will dialoque with the unique savoir-faire of the atelier at the 111 (matelasserie, sewing, uphostery) and those of the atelier at Coincy l’Abbaye (cabinetmaking, carpentry, coating, ironworking).

The room adjacent to the atelier will be arranged by the curator. Reproduction of their natural habitat or ephemeral creation, the furniture and, of course, the mattresses will be made by the ateliers of Maurice & la Matelasserie.

A telephone as well as a computer station will allow the curator to contact stars of the design, little hands, brands, to convince them, within the editorial line defined by the curator, to contribute, exhibit, create.

These objects will be presented and commercialized at the ground floor of the 111.

The vocation of this residence is to create interactivity between the ateliers of Maurice & la Matelasserie and the creators, as well as promote the rare savoir-faire of the ateliers, where 20% of the object references developed by the curator need to be made.