Maurice invokes the marvelous,
eclipsing the ordinary constraints
of mattress contrivance.

The work of a matelassier* remains unfinished. In constant evolution it cares about the power of uncertainty and change, forever trying to follow the morphological family and sensorial changes of sleepers.

Maurice invokes the marvelous, eclipsing the ordinary constraints of mattress contrivance.

At Maurice & la Matelasserie, you will create your own mattress with your own dreams, your own sensations, your own emotions

* a mattress maker

The Mattress by Maurice & la Matelasserie is a powerful, evolving, creation to which only the sleeper/napper/reader holds the key. Evolving, source of an individual experience, it is associated to both sensations and morphology of sleepers. The Mattress is both subjectively and objectively built. Oscillating between technical (pressure imaging technology, characteristic of materials) and sensations.

You’ll order the creation of your mattress by Maurice & la Matelasserie through a unique ritual. According to what you are, to your environment, to your habits.

You’ll need to share some intimate secrets with us. The kind of sheets (percale cotton, linen, satin or jersey cotton), the importance you give to sleep, your demand for natural materials or not, your allergies. All those details, and many more, will influence the making of your personal mattress.

During an individual meeting in our Matelasserie, in an environment thought by the designers Marc Venot and Antoine Lesur, a singular experience will allow you to seize the subtle variations of each material, of each technology. Accompanied by your matelassier, you’ll travel through different materials to discover what is the very best for you.

You can wear the Maurice & la matelasserie pyjama, thought by the fashion designer Wisharawish, or bring your own one.

Then finally, explore your intuition, your desires and create the mattress of your dreams.

This creation is not fixed, it evolves with you. Login to your personal space, book an appointment and your matelassier will guide you through this change.